Truck Drivers


There is an abundance of hazards that surface during the daily work regimen of a truck driver. That goes beyond accidents as there are lots of reasons that could leave truckers unable to work. When that happens, there is the option of collecting workers compensation benefits. LEIP Law helps truck drivers collect their workers 

Transportation Injuries & Accidents

Truck drivers are susceptible to injuries on and off the road. Some of these injuries can be long-term and that can impact the quality of one’s life. That is why it is important to seek out the necessary compensation to contend with these injuries. Some of the more common causes injuries are as follows: 

  • Accidents – This is an obvious concern as many motorists weave in and out of the path of truck drivers, who could sustain very serious injuries during an accident.
  • Falls – Truck drivers are prone to falling off a truck when checking cargo or loading shipments. Poor weather conditions can also lead to falls as drivers must brave all types of elements.
  • Hit by object – Heavy cargo that is not secured or comes loose has the potential to do a significant amount of damage to truck drivers.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders – This typically impacts the back or neck of drivers. Loading trucks can take its toll and is usually caused by overexerting oneself during the loading process.

How to file a workers’ comp claim 

Truck drivers who are injured on the job should follow a specific protocol when seeking out a workers’ compensation claim. Initiating the claim should occur right after the accident or injury occurs. Report the incident to a supervisor and seek out medical attention. It is also recommended to contact a Columbia, SC workers’ compensation lawyer. Some employers may attempt to downplay a claim or be dismissive of its merit. A Columbia, SC personal injury attorney at LEIP Law will be able to step in and advise you of your rights and break down what you are entitled to receive.

workers’ compensation benefits For Transportation

If someone else was responsible for an accident, then truck drivers could also file a lawsuit against a third party, although that has no affiliation with the workers’ compensation claim. Truck drivers should expect to receive payment of their medical bills as part of their workers’ compensation benefits in South Carolina. Wage benefits are also paid as is disability benefits in the event that the injury leads to that.

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