Schools are places of learning, although there are a variety of dangers that could bring harm to teachers. When that occurs, teachers are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits. Since this is not the most common form of workers compensation, it helps to have a workers compensation attorney to help you through this process. LEIP Law has the experience and expertise to help with teacher compensation in Columbia, SC.

Employment Work Hazards

School settings can have their share of hazards, some of which many people fail to realize. Every year, teachers across the country are injured in a work-related capacity. That entitles them to workers compensation benefits and some of the potential reasons is as follows:

  • Hit by car or bus – School parking lots can pick up a lot of traffic at the start or finish of a school day. Teachers who may be on bus duty are always in danger of being hit by a vehicle.
  • Slip and fall – Hallways can get slippery as there are often people coming in and out of a school. One false step could result in a painful injury, leading to months of rehab and therapy.
  • Violence – Schools can be settings for fights among students and when teachers attempt to intervene, they put themselves at risk. Violence could also come from parents or someone entering the building illicitly.
  • Repetitive strain – This injury results from overdoing it in a compromising position, which can include writing on a board, standing for long periods of time or typing on a computer at length.

Worker Compensation Benefits

Teachers are entitled to receive full benefits under worker compensation laws, according to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law. This law defines financial compensation as a benefit and that applies to teachers. Teachers are required to first report the injury to their supervisor and then proceed accordingly. Teachers are granted full medical treatment when they are hurt at work.

Seeing a Doctor

Once an injury is reported, teachers will be required to see a doctor to determine the extent of the injury as well as recommending a recovery time. Teachers injured on the job are required to see a physician that are part of the school district’s insurance network. However, if a teacher feels as though he/she is cleared before a full recovery, there is the option to counter. That is when it is time to contact LEIP Law to hire a worker’s compensation lawyer in Columbia, SC.

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