Social Security Benefits Eligibility

When it comes to filing a social security disability claim, many individuals may be uncertain as to whether they qualify. There are even more questions about how to proceed through this process, particularly when a claim is denied. That’s why it is important to have a social security disability lawyer working for you. LEIP Law represents clients who have encountered issues with benefits eligibility in Columbia, SC. 

A Social Security Disability Attorney working for you

At LEIP Law, we provide clients with a benefits eligibility attorney to work through all the complexities and uncertainty that can come with the denial of a social security disability claim. We help with the entire process and that includes filing a claim and appealing ones that have been denied. An LEIP Law experienced benefits eligibility attorney in Columbia, SC can help you make sense out of the entire process.

One of the biggest components of a social security disability claim has to do with the work history. Usually, individuals who have worked for five of the last ten years, are eligible for benefits. The type of disability you have is irrelevant. What is important is the fact that you are now unable to work due to your disability. Moreover, you should be eligible to receive Medicare following two years of social security disability benefits. 


Experienced Eligibility Attorneys

In order to receive social security disability benefits, an individual must have a documented physical or mental health problem that inhibits any type of gainful employment. The impairment that prevents gainful employment must be evidenced with medical proof. There are other factors that the Social Security Administration will factor in when it comes to making a decision on your eligibility benefits and they are as follows:

  • Current age
  • Ability to work
  • Level of education
  • Work experience

A Very Complicated Process

There are a lot of steps to follow when proving eligibility for social security disability. If one of those steps are missed, then the claim could be denied. Most people who attempt to file a claim without the assistance of an attorney tend to miss a step. Having a trained and experienced handle on these claims helps immensely when it comes to getting approved. That is where LEIP Law can step in and help with your social security disability. Let us help you by providing the insight and experience of a social security disability eligibility benefits attorney in Columbia, SC.

Do you have a case?

Many individuals are uncertain as to whether or not they have a legitimate Social Security disability benefits case. There is a wide-array of information that will determine that validity as it comes in the form of the Federal Social Security Act. In layman’s terms, this gives disability payments to those who have become disabled and are unable to hold down steady employment because of their condition.

Eligibility is dependent upon your condition, your work history, and a host of other factors. This would have to be the result of an accident or ongoing condition that prohibits you from working. It could even pertain to a specific mental health condition. If you believe you have a claim, it is important to act right away. Deadlines are established for when you can file a Social Security disability claim. 

It is common for people to have a bevy of questions when deciding whether there is legitimacy to their claim. This is where an LEIP attorney can provide some much-needed clarity. Our experience has allowed us to help numerous people obtain their Social Security disability benefits in Columbia, SC. 

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