Disability Appeal

Social security disability claims are typically denied as three fourths of all that are submitted come back with a denial. But that is just the start of the process. A social security disability appeal lawyer can take you through the following steps that will get your claim approved. Appealing a denial is a common part of the process and having a trusted social security disability appeal lawyer at LEIP Law by your side is a way to ensure you receive the disability benefits you deserve.

Social Security Disability Criteria

There are certain criteria that needs to be established in order to be eligible for social security disability benefits. As long as you meet that criteria, you should be entitled to receive benefits. These payouts are essential for many families and before they can be received, there is a detailed application process. Here is a look at that criteria:

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • Needs to have paid a certain amount of social security taxes
  • Provide proof of medical condition that prevents work
  • Provide proof of condition that prevents work for at least a year
  • Must be a resident of the United States

The process seems to be rather straightforward, although denials of claims are very common. There is no need to panic when your claim is denied as it may be just the start of the process. A disability appeal lawyer at LEIP Law will go over your claim and identify why it was denied. We can then file an appeal on your behalf so that you are awarded the benefits you deserve.

Experienced South Carolina SS Attorneys

There are multiple stages of the disability claim process. The first application is just the beginning and there is the option for more attempts. Here is a closer look at each of those stages and what they entail.

  • Initial Stage – In the state of South Carolina approximately one third of social security disability applicants are denied on their first attempt.
  • Reconsideration Stage – Submitting a second application results in an approval rating of about 10% in South Carolina.
  • Appeal Stage – Close to 55 percent of appeals in South Carolina are approved during the appeal stage.

LEIP Law has helped many clients earn their social security disability benefits during the appeal stage. We work with clients to give them their best chance at being approved and having years of experience as a Columbia, SC disability appeal attorney continues to give our clients a tremendous advantage.

Why was my claim denied?

Many applications are rejected on the basis that their condition fails to meet the specific requirements. Even if your claim is denied, we will be right there with you through the appeals process. We take on clients who we believe deserve SSDI benefits.

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