Farm Workers


Farm workers are at the heart of the agricultural business in the United States. It is a noble profession but one that does not comer without its share of risks. When something goes wrong in this type of setting, farm workers are covered under workers’ compensation law in South Carolina. LEIP Law represents farm workers who have been injured in the midst of their daily work regimen.

Common Causes For Injuries

Working in the agricultural sector comes with its share of hazards. Workers have to contend with the elements of Mother Nature as well as machinery and equipment. There are a vast array of farming jobs, but all poses some kind of risk. Here is a look at some of the most common types of farm worker accidents:

  • Tractor accidents
  • Excessive heat
  • Slip and falls
  • Equipment injuries
  • Pesticide exposure
  • Repetitive strain injuries

These injuries can range from moderate to severe. When one of these types of accidents forces a farm worker to take some time off, workers’ compensation can make up for lost time. Injuries sustained can include broken bones, muscle injuries, respiratory distress and other types of debilitating injuries.

Protecting Your Employees

Farms should take safety precautions to protect their workers. In the event that no precautions were in place, the farm owner could be liable for any injuries sustained by their employees. Farm employees deserve to have the necessary safety measures in place. That includes the following:

  • Safety training program
  • Regular equipment inspections
  • Routine hazard assessments
  • Sanitary workplace
  • Bilingual literacy and instructions

If these guidelines are not followed, then there is a very real chance that negligence contributed to your injury. At LEIP Law, we will investigate the incident and point out all the failures and lack of safety guidelines that are followed. That will help build a case to get your appropriate agriculture workers compensation benefits in Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas.

What not to do when filing a Workers compensation claim

Farm workers who have been hurt on the job should not attempt to conceal their injury. It is important to report the accident after it happens. And when getting a medical evaluation, workers should not just rely on one. It is always good to get a second opinion. Claims that lack detail in the description of the injury are more likely to get denied. Avoid short and empty descriptions and, instead, be very thorough and detailed in your explanation.

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