Nursing Home Bed Sore Abuse


Nursing homes that have regular instances of bed sore abuse can be held liable as they have a responsibility to ensure residents do not acquire this condition. Also referred to as pressure sores, this condition occurs when someone is laying in the same position for too long. Bed sores are unacceptable in nursing homes and our attorneys at LEIP Law will help get your loved one compensation with a nursing home injury lawsuit in Columbia, SC. 

Nursing Home Neglect

Some nursing home residents are unable to move without assistance. That relegates them to their own beds and forces them to be reliant upon staff members to move them around. To avoid bed sores, a resident should be moved at least once every two hours. A failure to do so will lead to the development of these unsightly sores. They are actually injuries to the skin and can be quite painful. 


Professional Neglect  & Abuse Lawyer

Bed sores are a direct form of nursing home abuse. The appearance of bed sores automatically shows a nursing home to be liable. These sores should not appear as they are completely avoidable. A nursing home injury lawyer can help those who suffer from bed sores. There are not many reasons a nursing home can cite in defense as under-staffing and a lack of supervision are very clear indicators of this infraction.

The Effects of Bed sores

As people approach their final stage of life, they should not have to worry about unsightly sores covering their bodies because they were neglected by caretakers. There are four stages of bed sores, each one showing a greater level of negligence and severity. Prolonged bed sores can lead to complete immobility and that may result in any of these conditions:

  • Use of a wheelchair
  • Paralysis
  • Drop in overall health
  • Need for surgery as method of recovery
  • Sedation

Those who have previous medical conditions may be more prone to getting bed sores, which means staff members need to be especially diligent. When that fails to occur, they are liable as prior health conditions are not a way to dismiss their negligence.

Experienced Abuse Attorneys in Columbia, SC

LEIP Law has a vast amount of experience representing clients with nursing home injuries in Columbia, SC. We know precisely how to navigate through this process as we have dealt with similar claims in the past. We are here for our clients from start to finish to ensure the liable parties are held accountable and issue the compensation that is rightfully deserved.

Nursing Home Abuse

Bed sores are also known by the name “decubitus ulcers,” and this condition occurs when there is an insufficient amount of blood flow to a certain area of the skin. The prevention of blood flow is caused by remaining in one position for extended periods of time. Nursing home staff members are supposed to check on patients and reposition them so that this condition does not occur. If this task is not undertaken, then the weight of a person’s body adds pressure to each layer of skin and there is no means of alleviating that pressure. This results in unsightly bed sores that are a physical example of abuse and neglect. Some result in bleeding and can become extremely painful.

Nursing homes are expected to comply with regulations that guarantee the safekeeping of residents. Immobile patients who remain in the same position for too long will develop these sores, which can also be caused by malnutrition. A failure to ensure patients are getting the proper nutrition may also be considered a form of nursing home abuse. Patients who become dehydrated are also susceptible to bed sores. 

Patients who are left to sit in clothing that is soiled can also develop bed sores. It is the duty of nursing home staff members to change patients who soil themselves. Leaving them to sit in soiled clothes is enough to substantiate a claim for nursing home abuse. 

Violation of patient rights

Patients are afforded the right to quality care when they become residents of a nursing home. Contact LEIP Law and we will have one of our attorneys evaluate your potential claim. We also do not require an upfront fee as our fees are contingent upon your potential recovery. 

We will advise you on every aspect of your claim and handle all the specifics. We are compassionate to our clients as there is no reason they should have to suffer in any way. LEIP Law is here to help with your Columbia, SC nursing home abuse claim. 

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