Airplane Accidents


Airplane accidents are not very common as the commercial industry has an outstanding track record when it comes to accidents. However, there are still instances of small, private and commuter aircraft crashes. These are never pleasant situations, although it is important that victims and their families are properly compensated for their loss. LEIP Law can get you that compensation with an airplane accident attorney in Columbia, SC.

Typical Causes For Accidents

While there is not a great abundance of airplane accidents every year, there are a wide range of reasons why an airplane may falter. Those reasons are critical towards getting compensation. Aircraft accidents are also looked into by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to determine what went wrong. Here is a look at some of the reasons for an airplane accident:

  • Pilot loses control
  • Human mistakes
  • Landing problems
  • Automation
  • Pre-existing issues
  • Engine failure
  • Harsh weather

Serious And Common Accidents

Airplane accidents do not always result in death but could lead to a rash of serious injuries. Those involved in an airplane accident could wind up with spinal cord injuries, burns, broken bones, lacerations, internal injuries, paralysis and more. In many instances, the recovery period is quite extensive and could even span a lifetime. If that is the case, victims need to be sure their medical bills are covered. They may also be subject to receive compensation for their immense pain and suffering. There is going to be a lot of expenses that need to be paid and an airplane attorney at LEIP Law will fight to make sure you get every penny you deserve.

Expectations For Compensation In Your Case

Being involved in an airplane accident can be a traumatic experience. It can also create a new way of life for people as attempting to recover can be an ongoing endeavor. There are a lot of factors to account for when it comes to the aftereffects of an airplane accident. Here is a look at some of the consequences airplane accident victims and their families must face:

  • Loss of income and earning capacity
  • Hospitalization
  • Funeral costs
  • Rehab and therapy

There are many long-lasting consequences that can result from this type of serious accident. They include a wealth of emotional distress, a loss of the ability to provide for a family, disfigurement, scarring and disabilities. If you have are in need of a trusted South Carolina airplane accident attorney, contact LEIP Law today.

Common Airplane Injuries

Personal injuries can be sustained while on a flight or during the boarding and departing process. Most people may not realize how prevalent airplane injuries have become. Almost 5,000 passengers and flight attendants are injured on an annual basis. When that occurs and the airline or airline personnel are responsible for the injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Below is a look at some common airplane injuries that warrant a claim.

  • Falling Baggage – It is not a plane crash that cause all of these injuries, but something less catastrophic. Falling baggage continues to impact passengers on a regular basis. Baggage that is not properly secured in the overhead compartments can be like falling rocks when there is turbulence. This could wind up falling on a passenger and causing damage to the head. Flight attendants could even be victims of these injuries. 
  • Boarding and Departing Injuries – Getting on and off an airplane does not come without its share of obstacles. There are often crowds of people waiting to get on and off an airplane. When those crowds become too thick, people can be susceptible to slip and fall. There may also be obstructions that can cause a fall, which can induce serious injuries. 
  • Personnel Negligence – Airline personnel are expected to respond promptly and professionally to passenger issues. In the event that a passenger experiences some type of ailment, the personnel should act quickly. Failing to follow the proper protocol could enhance the severity of a passenger injury. There is specific training that prepares airline workers to deal with emergency situations. Airline personnel may also be careless when extending service, and that could result in spilling a hot beverage on a passenger. Also, inadvertently injuring someone with a heavy beverage cart could place liability with the airline. 

Airport Injuries

Airports all over the country pose risks to passengers, whether they are boarding and departing flights or simply when they are waiting to retrieve their luggage. Airports are expected to maintain a standard of service, and that involves keeping a safe and healthy environment for passengers. There are numerous ways to sustain an injury in an airport, some of which are as follows:

  • Baggage claim injuries
  • Slip and falls
  • Hit by airport transportation 
  • Curbside pickup accidents
  • Poorly kept gate areas
  • Obstacles on tarmac

Airports and airlines may be held legally responsible for injuries to passengers. However, it often takes an attorney skilled in this area to win a case. Airports and airlines have teams of attorneys and taking on individuals without representation is often an easy task for them. LEIP Law can help to even the playing field as we can provide you with a personal injury lawyer to help you file an airplane injury claim.

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