Restaurant Workers


Those who work in the restaurant industry often have different schedules than a lot of other occupations. They are still entitled to the same benefits other workers receive when they are injured on the job. If you are a seeking restaurant workers’ compensation in Columbia, SC, the legal team at LEIP Law is here to help. We have an immensity of experience assisting restaurant workers in receiving the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

Benefits For Restaurant Employees

One of the most common questions restaurant workers have after sustaining a work injury is what kind of benefits they are eligible to receive. If the injury prohibits a worker from doing his/her job, then wage replacement is an option. They are also required to receive medical attention. The restaurant industry functions like any other profession when it comes to work-related injuries. Most restaurant-related injuries require a minimum of a few weeks recovery time and that should not go without compensation.


What Employees Should Know About Benefits

It is important to know how workers’ compensation works for employees. Fault is not a determining factor as to whether you will receive compensation benefits. If you are injured on the job, then you are entitled to benefits. It is also important to note that not all injuries are the result of some type of accident. Repetitive strain injuries are very real. For example, wrist injuries result from carrying trays in the restaurant industry and can lead to time out of work.

Restaurant workers should also be aware that they are entitled to receive medical treatment. If an injury occurs in the midst of a shift, the first move would be to notify the manager on duty. The manager is then required to provide medical care. In the event that is denied or your injury is dismissed, contact a restaurant workers’ compensation lawyer.

Eligibility For Workers Compensation Benefits

Those who work in any type of restaurant setting can be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits when they are hurt on the job. That includes workers in the following establishments:

  • Upscale restaurants
  • Bars, taverns, pubs
  • Fast food chains
  • Cafeterias and diners
  • Food service facilities

LEIP Law fights for the rights of restaurant workers who are seeking out workers’ compensation in Columbia, SC. Our team of attorneys have years of experience dealing with South Carolina workers’ compensation law and will work to get you all the compensation you deserve.

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