Slip and Fall


A slip and fall can bring about all types of physical injuries. When you slip and fall on someone else’s property, that property owner could be liable. A personal injury attorney at LEIP Law can help determine whether you have a legitimate claim in your Columbia, SC slip and fall. We can then work to see that you are compensated for the injuries and inconveniences that stem from a slip and fall.

Common Types of Slip And Fall Injuries

A slip and fall can lead to bruises, broken bones, lacerations and nerve damage. Some slip and fall injuries never heal and can lead to a lifetime of problems. Back and neck issues can linger and decrease your quality of life while inflicting their share of pain and suffering. The cost of medical care from a slip and fall could also skyrocket if the injuries are serious and long-lasting.


Filling Your Claims

A Columbia, SC personal injury attorney at LEIP Law will take the necessary steps in your slip and fall claim. When you hire our firm, we will assign an attorney who will get right to work on the following process:

  • Investigate the incident
  • File a claim
  • Collect evidence and testimony
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Litigate in court

Some slip and fall cases never make it to court. LEIP Law is skilled and experienced in negotiating favorable settlements with a multitude of insurance companies. Most insurers will try to get of paying you much in compensation and that is where our attorneys provide a major boost to your claim. We won’t let insurance companies manipulate your situation or compromise your compensation.

What To Do After An Accident Or Injury

The first step following slip and fall is to get medical attention. That should be followed by reporting the incident to whoever owns the property where you fell. Taking photos and collecting all the relevant information (owner name, conditions, etc.) as well as any firsthand witness accounts. Then comes the time to contact a Columbia, SC slip and fall attorney. That is when a lawyer from LEIP Law can intervene and begin to walk you through the process.

It is also important to refrain from making any formal or recorded statements. If any insurance company asks you to go on record with a statement, it is advisable to immediately decline. And it is also recommended to stay off social media when talking about your claim. The more you post about it, the more you put your claim at risk.

Proving a slip and fall

Simply because a person has a slip and fall, they are not entitled to compensation. Some slip and falls are a result of a person’s lack of balance or own fault. However, there are instances when a slip and fall could be avoided. These preventable injuries that are attributed to someone else’s negligence could entitle victims to compensation. Here is a look at the slip and fall cases that are handled by our personal injury attorneys at LEIP Law:

  • Icy conditions – Property owners are required to remove snow and icy from pathways within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Slippery floors – Slick surfaces are a result of rain, recent cleaning, or spilled items.
  • Cluttered floors – Falling on a floor where there is a buildup of clutter can be considered the fault of another party. There needs to be an area free of obstacles for passersby to walk.
  • Uneven surface – Damaged floors, breaks in concrete, or dips in carpets can create hazards for anyone walking by. When a surface is not even and smooth, there is a chance to prove negligence.
  • Holes – Over the course of time, holes may develop on walkways or in parking lots. Some landscapes may even hide these holes and make them difficult for people to identify. 
  • Poor lighting – A dimly lit area can make anyone susceptible to a slip and fall. Property owners are expected to provide sufficient lighting during nighttime hours to prevent slip and falls from occurring. 

Once it is established that any of the aforementioned reasons led to a slip and fall, then comes time to go to work on a claim. The next step is proving a property owner displayed negligence in creating those conditions. That means providing proof that there was indeed a dangerous condition. Next comes the responsibility of showing that a property owner was aware of that condition. It should also be noted that property owners have a reasonable amount of time to address these issues or provide a sufficient warning that they do exist. Then comes time to show that an injury occurred. This will require documentation, medical records, and any other type of proof you can provide.

Recovering from a slip and fall

An injury sustained from a slip and fall can vary immensely. Some injuries may require ice and rest while others call for hospitalization and therapy. Age also plays a role in recovery as senior citizens are at a much higher risk of a slip and fall. This has to do with weakened muscles, vitamin deficiencies, balance issues, arthritis, and other types of ailments and conditions. As a result, a slip and fall could be fatal for seniors. 

Soft tissue injuries require therapy and rehabilitation. This may include something like a sprain or ligament tear. Head injuries can range from a mild concussion to a traumatic brain injury. Recovery time and methods differ greatly depending on the severity of the injury. 

A spinal cord injury as a result of a slip and fall may lead to paralysis. Hip fractures among senior citizens can also signify a turn for the worse as they may lead to other issues. Fractures also have different healing times that are the age and health of the individual.

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