Sexual assault


The sad reality of sexual assaults in nursing homes is something that is very real. Helpless victims are sexually assaulted in all types of care facilities every day. These acts should not be brushed aside as a nursing home injury attorney at LEIP Law can bring justice to these unfortunate situations. We represent clients who have been victimized by a nursing home sexual assault in Columbia, SC and the surrounding communities. 

Nursing Home Assault Cases

Nursing homes have a responsibility to protect their residents. That involves a thorough hiring process in an effort to weed out any potential problem employees. Criminal record checks must be conducted and applicants who have some sort of criminal history should be disqualified from being hired. If this is not followed, the facility would then be liable for the assault.

Nursing home assaults in Columbia, SC do not have to involve staff members. They could involve other residents as well as visitors. Regardless of who committed the act, the home is responsible to ensure protection. The nursing home is also obligated to investigate any alleged sexual assault of one of its residents. A failure to do so could result in negligence and ultimately lead to the nursing home being liable in a sexual assault case. There is likely to be criminal and civil charges filed as these terrible actions are met with serious consequences. 


Signs of Nursing Home Abuse 

Some residents in a nursing home may not have complete control of all their faculties. As people age, they can become forgetful, disoriented and even not as sharp as they were at a younger age. Even older patients who are not very communicative can still show signs of sexual abuse. Here is a look at some of the warning signs that sexual abuse is occurring in a nursing home:

  • Bruises on inner thighs
  • Sudden appearance of welts or sores
  • Defensive wounds appear on arms
  • Sleeping habits are altered
  • Mood seems distant and aloof
  • Lack of communication
  • Contraction of an STD
  • Bleeding
  • Pelvic bruises and trouble walking

Experienced Professional Attorneys

Those signs need to be properly investigated. In the event that they are ignored, a nursing home could suffer serious consequences. The path to seeing justice prevail begins by hiring a nursing home injury lawyer. LEIP Law knows how to handle these types of cases as we have years of experience handling cases involving nursing home abuse in Columbia, SC.

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