Getting Compensation for a Car Accident in Bad Weather

Getting Compensation for a Car Accident in Bad Weather

Weather can play a critical role in causing car accidents. Rain, or other nasty conditions, are often a culprit, creating a sticky situation in determining fault. Did the slick roads cause the wreck or driver negligence? It’s an important question to answer if you’re trying to file a claim.

Why Insurance Companies Deny Bad Weather Claims

In a car accident caused by bad weather, proving negligence is difficult. Insurance companies may blame the weather for causing the accident, not the insured driver.

To obtain compensation for your damages in any weather, you must prove that the other driver was negligent, which resulted in an accident.

Situations like these are where attorneys come in. They’ll investigate the case to see if negligence played a role in causing the wreck.

A Driver’s Responsibility

A driver has expanded responsibilities when operating a vehicle in bad weather. Visibility is often limited, and slick roads are hazardous. Therefore, drivers must pay even more attention when driving in poor conditions.

Driving tactics must be adjusted when roads are less than ideal. Speed limits are designed for optimal road conditions. If someone goes too fast for the conditions and loses control of the vehicle, the driver may be at fault.

Many Circumstances Can Cause Fault

Improper headlight use and faulty windshield wipers are two common causes of negligence that result in accidents. And each situation is unique. You’ll want a team by your side to help protect

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