Personal Injury

LEIPLAW handles personal injury cases.

The law firm of Attorneys Lee, Eadon, Isgett, Popwell, and Owens, represents injured people.

We understand that physical and emotional injuries frequently result in crippling disabilities and devastating family consequences. Compensation for damages from physical and emotional injuries can be recovered when the injuries are the fault of another person, company, corporation, or business.

Our firm represents plaintiffs (the injured party) in all of the following areas:

  • Car Wrecks
  • Medical Negligence
  • Defective Products
  • Exposure to Dangerous/Toxic Chemicals

Following are questions that we are frequently asked about these areas of personal injury law by those who are injured and the answers that we commonly give to those questions.

Car Wrecks

When am I able to collect damages for injuries I received in a car wreck?

If another driver causes or contributes to causing a wreck in which you are injured, you are entitled to recover damages. In South Carolina, you cannot recover damages if you are more than fifty percent at fault.

How do I prove my case for damages in an automobile accident?

In order to recover damages for an injury in an auto accident, you must prove that the other driver failed to do something that a careful driver would have done or has driven in a way in which a careful driver would not have driven. Such conduct is known as "negligence.” Once you have proven that the other driver was at fault in causing your injuries, you have a right to recover damages. If the other driver received a traffic ticket, you will probably be entitled to recover damages.

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Slip and Fall Injuries

How do I know if a store is liable for injuries I received when I slipped and fell in their building?

If the owner of a business places merchandise or shelving in a dangerous location, stacks merchandise dangerously high, or displays merchandise negligently and these actions cause you injury, store owners are liable for damages. Store owners are also required to clean spills and other foreign objects from the aisles. The store owners are liable for injury if they had notice of the dangerous condition and had sufficient time to correct the problem.

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Animal attacks

Can I collect damages if a dog has bitten me?

Under South Carolina law, the owner or person responsible for the care of an animal that bites another person is liable for the victim’s personal injuries.

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Wrongful Death

What damages can be collected if a death results from a personal injury?

If a death results from a personal injury, the survivors of the injured person are entitled to recover the full amount of earnings that the deceased would have earned during his or her lifetime. The heirs are also entitled to recover a fair amount for the emotional loss resulting from the death of their loved one. The estate is also entitled to recover for the conscious pain and suffering that the deceased suffered prior to death and medical expenses incurred as a result of the injury. 

Punitive damages my also be awarded in certain cases. Punitive damages are designed to punish reckless conduct and to make an example of those who cause injuries because of their reckless conduct. For example, automobile wrecks caused by drunk drivers sometimes result in punitive damage awards.

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