Nursing Home Injuries

Were you or a family member hurt at a nursing home?

We entrust healthcare professionals in nursing homes to provide care and medical attention to our seniors, the disabled and loved ones.

Nursing homes have a legal responsibility to provide proper medical care, supervision and services to its residents.

Too often nursing homes fail to meet state and federal nursing home standards, neglect and/or physically abuse their residents and ignore medical concerns of the elderly, which can lead to serious injury and death to its residents.

If you suspect a loved one has been a victim of any of the following:

  • Physical/ Sexual Abuse
  • Failure to provide adequate nutrition, hygiene, or supervision
  • Failure to provide adequate medical care
  • Financial or material exploitation: using a resident’s resources without his or her consent
  • Medication errors

Nursing home injuries, neglect, and abuse should never be tolerated. If you suspect a relative or friend has been neglected or abused, we are here to help you. Call or email our attorneys today to arrange a free consultation and evaluation.

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